The butterfly represents the transformation we are all collectively going through now. Moving from one level of consciousness into another one. 

There is a break-down taking place when the world as we knew it is starting to fall apart and crumble. We start to question our own lives, who we are and why we are here. 

From the ashes of the old something new is being born, something that is more pure, raw and true.

This is the return of Christ or the Return of Christ Consciousness which was what Jesus Christ was teaching. He said that he would come back, but not in human form, but as Consciousness, and this consciousness is who we truly are and what we are birthing on Earth right now after many years of destruction, war, separation and division between humanity.

We are all being shed from the old and New Life Unity is assisting the collective shift form an old earth into a New Earth and New Life. 

The mission with New Life Unity is to become a guiding force for the masses of humanity into the New Earth Paradigm where Truth, Love, Harmony and Balance resides.

Collective awakening starts through individual awakening therefore we are offering holistic services to guide, assist and heal humanity. 

It will be a bumpy ride but once we get together as one and start to co-operate, communicate and co-exist there are no limits to what we as one human race can achieve together.

The founder of New Life Unity is Vanessa, a strong life-force of energy with a clear and direct mission on Earth. Her love for community, co-operation, co-existence and unity is what brought New Life Unity together that is now offering services to individuals to help them re-awaken to their natal gifts and powers and also sharing inspiration through the website and social media accounts. New Life Unity is also currently offering 1:1 New Life Coaching Sessions where you get to become clear about what kind of life that you want to live and how you can get there. In the future there will be courses, seminars, retreats and collaborations as well.




Vanessa is currently living on the island of Gozo in the Mediterranean sea. She has through-out her life been seeking truth through relationships, traveling and life in general.

For Vanessa it has always been important to follow her own heart and stay true to herself, knowing that love and what we make out of our lives is what's most important.

Her dream has always been to guide others and help people create a life that is serving them on all levels through offering holistic services and practicing what she preaches.

All of her wisdom and knowledge comes from her own experiences, her own soul and her inner gifts. Vanessa is clear-sentient and clairvoyant. She is a natural born healer with a powerful force to direct you towards creating your own life and live in harmony and touch with your uniqueness and your own heart.

Her services is healing and guiding you back to you, what's important for you, how you want to live your live and encourages you to be the leader and creator of your own life in all levels.

You can either choose from her in-depth Astro-Numerology™ Readings, 1:1 New Life Coaching Sessions or Guidance Sessions that are performed through Skype and Zoom or in person. 

For more information about Vanessa, follow her journey on Instagram at unityvanessa or follow the official account of New Life Unity at newlifeunity.

Vanessa is certified as a Numerology Academy™ Practitioner by Tania Gabrielle, the founder of Numerology Academy.