''Wow!! You have created such a comprehensive, utterly professional and inspiring series of three Astro-Numerology Profiles! I'm very impressed with your attention to detail, consummate ability to calculate current names correctly, interpret individual numbers in relation to their placement - both in the numerology birth code and astrology chart - and cross-correlate the interpretations so beautifully.
You are able to delve deeply into each client's Soul Profile in a seamless, understandable and joyful manner. I am thrilled with your Observations/Intuitive Insights & Discoveries sections on all fronts! Bravo!!''

Tania Gabrielle

Wealth Astro-Numerologist

"Vanessa's reading was insightful, valuable, and very extensive. She provided a surprisingly detailed overview of my personal numerology and the meaning behind it. It was fascinating to discover how much the numbers that are hidden in aspects of my life that I never considered (like my chosen business name) are able to tell! She also relayed the synergy between the numerology and my astrological birth chart which revealed a lot of insight into my personality, life purpose, lessons, and the way I function best. Everything was so right on point! She truly went above and beyond and I'm so grateful to have received such a unique report. It has brought me confirmation and deeper understanding and has given me tools and guidance that I can always come back to."

Claire Ava

5D New Earth Assistance

''I stumbled upon Vanessa's Instagram and instantly felt a warm energy. She gave me my birth chart reading that helped align me back with my desires with many confirmations about my personality traits, things to focus and to own up my authenticity. 

Vanessa has a beautiful gift that one should not pass up on experiencing. 

Thank you again Vanessa! 

From Hawaii, Monika''

Monika Kupiec

Island Awakening

Photographer, Reiki Practitioner & Meditation Creator