Who Are We?

We are a team of creators, leaders and visionaries who want to create and assist the creation of a New Earth through co-operation. where harmony, balance and peace resides on planet Earth. 

We do so through our various unique gifts and ways of being in service which all adds up to oneness and we encourage you to find your unique gifts and become a co-creator of Union of New Life which is the creation here to assist, guide and lead us into the New Earth.


The Creators of Union of New Life

We Are You and You Are Us. We Are One And the Same. 

Why Are We Here?

The Earth is screaming for new ways of doing things, implementing things and bringing more harmony, peace and balance to our Earth. The time has come now to join hands with each-other, see the big picture and realise that we are all one - connected to each other in ways that we may not even can imagine. With our unique gifts, talents and specific purposes for being on Earth at this time we will be stronger if we come together as one force with one and the same goal for our work and lives - a healthy, happier and peaceful planet Earth. 

We can no longer work individualistic or only think about ourselves, our families and our own lives. We have to look at the bigger picture and understand that we are all connected. So the choices we do can no longer only be about us but must have the bravery and courage to take into consideration and account the lives of other people, not only the animals, our children or or friends and brothers, but the lives of all people on planet Earth and our future generations.

As a way of finding innovative and new ways of doing things, living and being Union of New Life was born to act as a guiding force and assistance for the humanity as a whole as we move into a more higher dimensional way of living, thinking and being.

Our mission is to help people activate and remember who they are at soul level so we can have more spiritual ideas and ways of doing things in our new structures on Earth.

The vision with Union of New Life is to create union all over Earth between genders, people, sexes, languages, colors, people, animals and plants.

The time has come to live in co-existence, co-operation and love and no longer live in fear, scarcity or separation. 

We Are Union of New Life

We support new ways of educating people, healing people, bringing people together and create space for new ideas and vision to be birthed to co-create and unity. Our work also involves spirituality, food and how to bridge opposites and facilitates the Ascension journey at a larger level.

There Is Nothing That Can't Be Done When We Come Together As One

- Michael Jackson

How do we do it?

As leaders, visionaries and creators we all have unique gifts and unique ways of serving humanity and the planet. When we come together as one and use our specifik and unique talents and gifts we can more easily create co-operation and unity through sharing the same vision and working towards the same goal in unity with each other instead of in competition, separation and fear of each other.

Union of New Life opens up the possibility for people to see each-other as partners, friends and facilitators to find our own uniqueness and ways to be in service through co-operation, community and unity.

How can I join?

To be apart of Union of New Life is for everyone. Take our quiz below to find out if this is truly something that is right for you at this time. Then you can join our membership area for free where we provide teacher trainings, material and services created to assist and guide you along your journey through a loving community.

We look forward to see you on the inside!