Were you born with Saturn in Aquarius?

Let's talk about Saturn!

''That slow moving planet''

Saturn moves slow so that we learn our lessons. It's a planet of restrictions, patience, discipline, hard work and reaping what we've sown - also known as the planet of Karma.

Saturn is a tough one, moving slowly (being one of the planets furthest out in the solar system) he makes sure that we never skip a step to learn our lessons or master our crafts.

As the ruler of the sign of Capricorn (22nd of December - 19th of January) he represents hard work, methodical approaches, step-by-step, discipline and patience.

If you know any Capricornians or people with Capricorn Rising (Capricorn in their first house also called ASC, the Ascendant) they are usually very serious, love to work and are very practical (sometimes a little conservative).

Capricorn is represented by the Mountain Goat, because no matter what - that goat climbs to the top.

Saturn and Capricorn traditionally rules the 10th house or the Midheaven (MC) which is the highest point in our Astrological chart that represents our career, our divine mission and our social status.

As we all know, it takes quite a lot of work to get there as we usually don't hit our best position in our career immediately but through hard work, honesty, not giving up, keep going, learning and adapting etc.

Saturn is hard in terms of making sure we don't skip steps. That's why some have huge awakening calls at the age of around 27-29 when Saturn has moved back into the sign it was in when they were born, also called the Saturn Return. When he returns he checks what you've been doing with your life up to that point and make sure that whatever isn't in alignment with your divine mission or what you're truly here to do gets swept away.

If you were born with Saturn in Aquarius you will have your Saturn Return in March next year of 2020, exactly the 21st of March. This Day Saturn gives Aquarius a kiss before he moves back to Capricorn for a few months and then re-enters Aquarius in the end of 2020 to stay there for three years.

Saturn moving into Aquarius is a big deal, not only because people born with Saturn in Aquarius will have a Saturn Return, but also because Saturn rules the structures in our world and will move out of Capricorn where it has been for a while and into Aquarius. When a big and slow moving planet changes signs it affects us all. The moving of Saturn into Aquarius will create more freedom, innovation and humanitarianism in our world as Aquarius is less restricted compared to Capricorn-energy (Aquarius is an air-sign and Capricorn is an earth-sign) So Saturn in Aquarius will move energy and shift structures from heavy, disciplined and conservative ways into more innovative, technological, scientific and humanitarian ways.

Aquarius is the sign that thinks of all as one and who likes to see the win-win of situations. The Aquarian age is also the age we are moving into collectively now as we've completed the age of Pisces. The Aquarian age is a beautiful age - but I will have to write about that in another post!

Stay tuned!



PS Not sure if you were born with Saturn in Aquarius? E-mail me at hello@new-life-unity.com and I will look up your chart and give you details!