We Are Here

The Times They Are A Changing

The only constant in this ever-ending Universe is change. Transformation, cycles of life, death and re-birth. Like nature drops leaves from the trees in winter-time and the sun sets in the evening we are constantly moving through cycles of transformation.

Our bodies are changing daily, and the stars and moons keep circling around us.

We are apart of a cosmic field of change and transformation where all things are interconnected with each-other, where change is constant and something that is a natural part of life and evolution. 

Trust Is the Key to Success

When we begin a new journey we have to have trust that something larger than us is taking care of the process. We need to release the need to stay in control or understand everything at a mental level. The more we release resistance, skepticism or force the more the Divine and the intelligence of the Universe can flow through us and guide us to people, places and situations that aligns with what we wish to create or be. Everything is energy and what we send out will find it's way back to us. 

Dare to Dream 

Imagination is the key to creating a new world. This imagination comes from our right brain. It's the part of the brain that is not rational, analytical, logical or scientific. This part is the creative part of the brain. Where all the juicieness of the ingredients to the recipe we wish to create exists.

As we enter the possibilites of our mind and our inner world. Start re-discovering, exploring and discovering all of the things we didn't even thought we knew or dreamed of, we can begin to paint, to draw, to sketch, to sing, to speak or to share these ideas, thoughts and creative ways with the people and the world around us in our unique way.

How Do We Embrace Change?

As change can seem frightening to our old operating system of how we are viewing the world around us and ourselves - it's crucial and necessary for humanity in order to move forward.

If we always stay in what we know, in our comfort-zone and we never dare to move away from what seems to be familiar and known to us - we are missing out on a lot of magic and beauty that wants to emerge and come into our lives. 

The belief that we are separated from the Universe and the world around us is one of the major reasons to why we feel so disconnected and afraid. The loss of the Spiritual connection in our day to day structures, routines and ways of living and being is another source of dysfunctional and lacking systems and structures.

''Something is missing'' but we don't know what it is. Could it be this, or that, or this. But what it is, is that it always comes back to ourselves. 

When we begin to re-awaken to the truth of who we are - our emotions, our beliefs, our needs and our values - the world seems alive again. When we see and feel that we can use our sense of uniqueness and beingness in the world effortlessly to be creators of the world around us, instead of passive reactors or consumers, life becomes meaningful and the clouds are being replaced by a rainbow of spectrumed colors of infinite possibilites.

No more loneliness as we sit alone in our apartments, home or rooms and think about a better, brighter or more fun future. When we see that we can begin to design, create and do all of those things we dreamt of, knew was possible or felt alive to do as children. 

As we reach out to each other, start creating bridges, share perspectives and help one and another we will begin to see a New Earth emerge, one where we see the connectedness of all things and understand that we are deeply dependent on each other in ways that goes beyond what we can see or understand with our human senses.

We are the ones we are waiting for