The Balance of Giving & Receiving

The most valuable thing you can give someone is your attention and time. A question you can ask yourself is where in my life do I give my attention and time? Where is my focus in my life? And then you want to see if that attention and time is given back to you equally. 

As we enter the 2020 we are going to be asked to have more balanced relationships of giving and receiving. Number 2 is all about balance, harmony and peace. This number asks of us to take into consideration the other part of the story - which is the other person. Relationships can not bloom and blossom if there is not a balanced energy of giving and receiving. This is crucial for the evolution of our planet as one as well. 

When we take into consideration each other as one group and see that all of us matter in the equation of life we can no longer just think about ourselves as separate. The balance of relationship, co-existence, co-creation and co-operation will be extremely heightened during 2020. There are no 1's in the 2020, just 2:s and 0:s - this removes the focus from the individual, the self and puts it into the perspective of union of two people, entitites or situations. 

This is not the same thing as co-dependency, but rather through our own inner foundation and self-awareness we can open up to peace, communication, diplomacy and understanding of the other person.

This energy is extremely beautiful and will help us move into unity consciousness which is a state of oneness, harmony and love.

We have learnt a lot from the 1900:s, most of it has been about survival, individualism and the self. All of this will be swept away now as we enter 2020 - community, co-creation and creativity will blossom on our Earth and pave the way for the golden age of chrystalline consciousness.

The energies of the Universe are always supporting us. By understanding Numerology we can understand the energetic theme of the year, our personal lives and the Universe. If you are curious in understanding your own unique soul-code and what energies, talents and gifts that are natural to you, you are welcome to order a day of birth reading, a life purpose reading, a destiny number reading or a full astro-numerology reading (covering your soul blueprint through your unique astrology and numerology in combination).

Everything in this Universe is mathematics. It may be complicated and beyond our understanding how everything is connected but in understanding numbers we can more easily understand the celestial events, movements and energies of the Universe and world.

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I wish you a magical 2020 of co-creation, love, harmony and peace!



Founder New-Life-Unity