The Abundance & Expansion of Jupiter!

Did you know that you have an easier time manifesting abundance in your life when the sun is in the same element of the sign your Jupiter was placed when you were born?

For example if your Jupiter is in Cancer in your natal chart, every time the Sun transits a water sign like Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio you will have an easier time manifesting abundance since Jupiter rules abundance, good fortune and luck and the element it was in when you were born is the element you easiest attract these things to you!

Go out and manifest!

Don't know what sign your Jupiter was in when you were born?

For a donation of $44 you'll get your own unique Jupiter Abundance Reading which describes the house, sign and degree of your natal Jupiter placement. The reading also covers the element of your Jupiter placement and the dates of the year the Sun transits the element of your natal Jupiter placement. It also covers what triad in Numerology the degree belongs to - this will help you further in knowing how you easiest attract abundance - through risk taking and chance? Through feeling your emotions and being in tune with your heart? To use your intellect and innovative ideas and goals and implement these?

Vanessa is a certified Numerology Academy™


This reading covers your...

- Jupiter Return
- Jupiter House & Sign Placement
- Jupiter Degree Number
- Jupiter Element
- The Triad of Numerology your Jupiter degree number adds up to
- How you best manifest abundance

This reading is for you who..

* Wants to unlock your Jupiter code

* Activate abundance in all areas of your life

* Wants to prepare and stay ready for your Jupiter Return of ultimate blessings, good fortune and luck in your life!

* Understand your natal blueprint and how to use it in the best way

  * Become more aligned with your natural essence, talents and gifts

  * Put wisdom and knowledge into action and start reaping the benefits!

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full date of birth with the exact time and place of your birth are necessary information for this reading). 

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