Love Is the Answer

You might feel right now that you have no idea of what direction to go in life. It might feel like all of the old is leaving you and you are standing naked with nothing in your hands or around you.

Remember that it is at times like these when the Universe delivers the greatest gifts of all to us - the gift of awakening to who we truly are.

When we remember the love that we truly are and always have been everything makes sense to us. There are no longer any doubt, questions or fear inside of us. Clarity begins to preveil and we start to see why certain things had to happened in the past - to shape us to who we are now. We start to take the steps to what fulfill our hearts, leaving behind the old.

Something new has lightened up inside of us and we are suddenly eager to be alive, excited to try new things. We start to move into the direction of what our soul and heart is desiring and it feels so amazing to see how the Universe is working in our favor and know that we can relax - everything is coming to us in the exact right moment. 

There is no need to hurry this process or understand it, just let it be, enjoy the ride, feel your emotions and release the past. Give thanks. you are being re-born to who you’ve always been. You are remembering that you are love. 

Move slow in these times of transition and tune into the wisdom of your heart.

You have finally returned home back to yourself. 

Welcome back.