Let Inner Peace Be Your Number 1 Priority

In a world that’s ever-changing, where people and events seek your attention - let inner peace be your top priority.

As we move into a new reality on Earth a lot of truths are being dismantled from the old reality. The truth about people, events and situations are coming up to the surface and it might not always be so beautiful. What’s been hidden and suppressed are coming up to the light for us to once and for all see it for what it is.

 As the illusion is being pierced and the veils is getting thinner it’s up to us now to discern what we believe, or rather feel, to be true, and where and when we want to put our precious life force-energy - our focus and attention. 

Truths about ourselves we weren’t even aware of but that has ruled us unconsciously for a long time (fear, pain and distortions) are also coming up now for clearing and release. 

When we release the unconscious patterns that has ruled us we raise our awareness and our level of perception becomes clearer.

It will be easier for us to see the intention of others and what’s really playing out at a larger scale - so that we can discern, choose and decide weather we would like to be a part of that, or create a new reality and world. 

If we have been asleep for a long time, not seeing reality truly for what it is (something that we can create) it can be that the Universe moves us through a rude awakening - to shake us up and awaken us. These times are blessings in disguise meant to remove and resolve anything and everything that is not aligned with truth, the highest good of all and the highest good for you.

As we move in these times of uncertainty and instability it’s important that we choose inner peace to be our top priority.

When our main focus is on our inner peace and well-being it’s easies to observe the high swings of the external world that is currently taking place.

What really is taking place is a dance between light and dark where the ultimate goal is integration of the two opposites into oneness instead of the constant separation between the two that creates pain, suffering and confusion. 

As we learn to discern and see from an inner point of view instead of being spoon-feed what’s going on, or what’s ‘’the truth’’ we can see beyond the veil, beyond the illusion without being caught in it. 

We can see and understand that what is taking place inside of ourselves (micro level) and in the world around us (macro level) is a part of a larger process that is moving us to a higher state of reality - a higher state of living and being.

In times of trouble and struggle - return to your breathe, the present moment and let inner peace be your top priority. 

Know that this too shall pass and that we are heavenly guided - we are not alone in this.

When we can surrender more to the larger Truth of Cosmos (love) we can begin to trust and allow the current shifts that are taking place to serve the greater role they are serving - because they are.

We Are One
Let Inner Peace Be Your Top Priority