Picture of me at the BEACH

Vanessa Ellyanne currently living at Gozo started her services through New Life Soul in 2017.

The seed was planted on a trip back home from the south of France with the beat of ''New Life'' a song on the album Future Cassics Dj Components, and the palm trees passing by outside the transit bus on the way to the airport awakened the idea of New Life and a New Earth - a better one and of how she, could contribute to that, something she new at a soul level that she was here to do.

The journey to self-discovery and self-achievement has been long from 2015, going in and out of the corporate and ''regular'' world and into the unknown, following her heart and choose what's best for her. 

All of her life she has been focusing on self development, growth and healing. Practicing and studying yoga from the age of 16, studying healing modalities and learning from mentors and other people in the same field. Along with traveling all over the world she also has a certificate as a Numerology Academy TM Practitioner. She has studied Astro-Numerology through Tania Gabrielle and now offers professional readings on current names and business names, personal cycles, Numerology and Astrology in combined readings with much more. 

Her vision is to create a company that is serving the collective, where individuals are encouraged to awaken to their own divine power and uniqueness and then together create a New Earth of Unity together.

Vanessa has studied courses in Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogy at University but most of her services comes from her own experiences and her own soul. She is a natural born healer, a gifted intuitive and clairsentitent being. 

She helps people unleash their inner own powers through personal guidance sessions, New Life coaching and Astro-Numerology readings that maps out the soul's uniqueness and reason for being on Earth as these crucial times of awakening.